Portland Orchard Project

Portland Orchard Project

This project will be run by neighborhood residents and will serve the same. It aims to provide an alternative vision for food in our neighborhood and our relationship to the land.

This project has four goals:
-To Establish a Neighborhood Orchard
-To Set-Up Community Garden Plots for Neighborhood Residents
-To Provide Agricultural and Food Education Classes
-To Create a Farmer's Market

Neighborhood Orchard:
Through this effort, fresh fruits and vegetables can be available to our neighbors grown from the sun and soil in our own neighborhood. It will be a demonstration and training ground for what can be done in any neighbor's front or back yard.

Garden Plots:
For those who don't have a piece of land to call their own, this space will offer small plots of land and community tools for their own gardens.

Agricultural and Food Education:
A major focus of this project will be to recruit and involve neighborhood youth and families. Hands on work will have its reward in access to the foods grown on the land as well as the opportunity to learn, hands on, how to do the same in our own yards. At the same time, many neighbor's who already have knowledge and experience will be teacher's. Young trees and seedlings can be distributed. Cooking classes and food preservation classes will be available to those who don't otherwise have the opportunity to learn.

Farmers Market:
One exciting possibility of this project is that it can become a means for employment for our neighbors. Imagine a full time position for someone to run daily operations as well as part time summer jobs harvesting and selling produce from a roadside stand or delivering to local businesses.